Smart lockers for efficient workplaces

Equip your company with a dynamic and contactless solution for all deliveries, sharing or storage.

Automate delivery flow

Manage deliveries from all E-shops with contactless and self-service lockers. Save more than 100 hrs/ month of your office managers time.

Create a place for sharing

Enable collaboration and exchange between your employees even during hybrid working and clean desk policies. Share anything, anytime with Blocks.

Benefit from keyless storage

Create more pleasant working conditions for your people. Minimize the number of lockers needed and save on key & card management.

Deliver. Share. Store.
These are not three separate products.
It is one that adapts to your needs.

Each locker compartment can have different functions that can be changed remotely in no time.

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Trusted by forward-thinking companies

Digitalize your workspace

Blocks smart lockers front view
  • Clean & contactless office

  • Saved time and capacity of employees

  • Saved costs on key & card mgmt

  • Automated and flexible enviroment

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100 hrs/mo.

saved on delivery management

only 8 sec.

to share a document with colleagues



Top-notch software and elegant modular design
are a perfect match for your dynamic workplace

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Get Blocks Plug'n'Play technology that can be installed in any locker.


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