Forget inefficient workplace management. Meet Blocks.

Gone are the 9 to 5 days with everyone sitting at their desk. Gone are the days when the traditional locker was enough. With hybrid schedules and desk sharing, you deserve something better and more functional.
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Choose one function or all.
Blocks is 100% modular software. From storage and equipment distribution to parcel delivery and a whole lot of other challenges, you own the tool and its functions, be it one or eight. All features have their own workflow tailor-made specifically for each use case.

What’s even better? If your team's needs evolve over time, all you need to do is switch the button to start using other modules.
Blocks approach
Each locker component can be assigned a preferred function and dynamically customized to the client’s changing needs over the time.
Unlocking efficiency in any (work)place
Ideal for Offices, Hospitals, Education, Leisure, and beyond

Why Blocks

Software flexibility makes the difference
Effortlessly switch on new use cases, modify locker functions, user permissions and much more. Blocks is there to meet ever-evolving needs of today's work environment.
Blocks' user experience is love at first use
As simple as ABC! With an easy-to-understand user interface, Blocks don't require comprehensive onboarding for everyone in your organization.
Design that matches your vibe
Blocks effortlessly works with any locker design of your choice, offering the option to incorporate award-winning design guidelines for a perfect blend of ergonomics and aesthetic appeal.
Plug'n'Play in any scenario
Blocks work with wired and wireless locks, making it ideal for both new or retrofit of existing lockers and cabinets. This allows you a smooth launch of your smart locker project right away.
Cloud-based solution
Blocks don't require any special server maintenance as the software is hosted in the cloud.
Security at every step
Blocks is an ISO 27001-certified company. The operating system, secure by design, is going through regular penetration testing by an independent third party.
Upgrade of your existing smart lockers
Basic smart lockers from other brands that no longer suffice your needs? Blocks operating system is able to integrate into any existing locker electronics and power the new use cases.
Effortless Onboarding
New employees receive automatic onboarding messages with their personalized access credentials and locker assignments, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This seamless onboarding process ensures a positive first impression and reduces the burden on your locker users.
Real-Time Delivery Notifications
When deliveries arrive, Blocks sends immediate notifications to the designated recipients, informing them of the package's location and access code. This real-time communication ensures timely pickup of deliveries and reduces the risk of lost or misplaced items.
A wide variety of Access methods
Select the access method that best suits your needs with Blocks. What's great is that you can combine these options for added convenience and backup security:

PIN code, QR and Barcode, iOS and Android app, Web app, Facial recognition, Third-party (workplace) apps (API), Card (NFC, RFID) or HID Mobile Access.
Industry-leading integrations and API
Blocks has integrations with your favourite tools for communication, access management, user directories or ticketing to power your operations. Our open API and SDK guarantees seamless connection to any custom system or third-party tool.
Microsoft Entra ID
Apple Wallet
Microsoft Teams
Atlassian Jira
Google Wallet
and many more!
Blocks operating system save you costs & time
Loss prevention and seamless management

Every key replacement is up to EUR 50 cost. With hundreds of users on the premises, that is far from being manageable or smart. With one-click assigning and removing users, Blocks bring seamless user management.

Supporting productive in-office presence

With boxes installed, people can pick up packages and mail when it is convenient for them, and not when it is handy for the courier. Employees don’t need to leave early to catch the delivery company’s working hours.

Floor and money savings

As each box serves dozens of people, rather than being assigned to an individual, companies save floor space and capex on acquiring fewer lockers.

The receptionist becomes the receptionist again

Black Friday, the Christmas season, personal mail, and company mail. Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars just for managing the incoming flow. With Blocks lockers, parcel delivery and mailroom management are fully automated and tracked, with 0% room for mistakes. And receptionists have finally time for what matters: visitors and their experience.

Kill the distractions and prevent time sinks

Many parcels, shared items and documents? With Blocks, employees can exchange, store and pick up items flexibly and asynchronously which helps productivity and prevents distractions.

100% Future-proof and adaptable

Blocks is a dynamic solution that evolves with your business. As your needs change, there's no need to invest in a new locker system. Thanks to continuous software updates and online locker management, Blocks can quickly adapt to new use-cases.

Full control at your fingertips
Blocks Admin Zone simplifies your locker management. This user-friendly online tool offers real-time data on locker usage and utilization. Manage all lockers and user permissions, including customizing locker settings to fit your internal needs.

Experience hassle-free operations with features like Remote Locker Opening and much more!
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What our clients say

Employees and facility team love the flexibility they get from Blocks, whether it's for storage, parcel delivery or sharing an item with a colleague. Blocks takes away the hassle and expense of the classic locker solution. The whole solution is timeless and maintenance-free.

Silvia Nagyova
Head of Fleet, Facility & Rental Management at Telekom

With Blocks, we save approximately 60 man-hours per month on IT asset management that we would otherwise have to spend on manually servicing employees, issuing standard accessories from the storage, and manually managing Jira tickets.

Tomas Smetana
Senior End User Support Specialist at

We've fully automated parcel management with Blocks. Now, employees can collect their online orders at any time without risk, and receptions look organized and clean.

Zuzana Kecova
Head of Facilities at Deloitte

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