Information Security Policy

We are Property Blocks s.r.o.

We design, develop and manufacture smart storage and dispensing boxes. Blocks are used by businesses, e-shops, and residential and office properties – as storage lockers, to share any equipment, and documents, to help in internal logistics, and in delivering and dispensing packages.

Information security is a priority for us

Considering the risks of today’s times, especially in the area of cyber threats, the security of both our own and our client’s information is our top priority.

Our information security management system

We have established an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the requirements of ISO 27001. ISMS enables us to systematically manage the security risks associated with our activities and effectively target the implementation of security measures.

We raise awareness of current threats by regularly training all our employees and representatives of contractors.

Contractual obligations and legal regulations are binding on us and we ensure compliance in all our activities.

Like our products, we continually improve our ISMS to increase the overall level of information security.