Forget single-purpose lockers.

Meet Blocks.

Today, buildings demand more than dedicated parcel lockers that only serve single carriers or e-shops. Tenants and facility management likewise want a smart tool that adapts to their needs.

Meet Blocks, the smartest locker, your partner for courier-agnostic delivery, storing, sharing and beyond.
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Trusted by forward-thinking companies
Finally a smart locker tailor-made for your needs
Blocks is 100% modular software. From parcel delivery to sharing, you own the tool and its functions. All features have their own workflow tailor-made specifically for their use case.

Plus, if your portfolio or property needs change over time, you can set up features remotely and start using them immediately.
Blocks approach
Each locker component can be assigned a preferred function and dynamically customized to the client’s changing needs over the time.

Reasons to choose Blocks

One solution, endless use cases
Buildings and the way people use them constantly change. So does our product. By turning on the functions remotely, Blocks as a software-first company is able to support any use case in no time.
Shipping all parcels to one place where the receiver works or lives prevents unnecessary trips and significantly saves on carbon emissions.
Works with delivery of any kind
The depositor simply inputs the recipient's name, phone number, and email at the locker's touch terminal, selects the locker size, and places the delivery inside. Recipient gets the unique access code right away!
Occupant loyalty
With Blocks, occupants enjoy time-saving parcel services and greater independence. This experience leads to increased tenant retention and a positive brand image for the building and its property manager team.
Minimalist and friendly design
Outside of locker technology, Blocks can provide an all-in-one solution, characterized by award-winning locker design.
Support that makes any wish come true
Blocks Support is here to help you. We have a dedicated customer care and end-user support team that is committed to delivering exceptional service.
Automated communication
Blocks manage all the communication without any interaction from your side needed. Delivery notifications, reminders and more.
Our UX is love at first sign
As simple as ABC! With easy-to-understand UI, Blocks don't require comprehensive onboarding for occupants.
Always up-to-date
Blocks is constantly improving and doesn't age thanks to its regular remote updates. Its software is hosted in the cloud so it does not require any special maintenance.
A wide variety of Access methods
Select the access method that best suits your needs with Blocks. What's great is that you can combine these options for added convenience and backup security:

PIN code, QR and Barcode, iOS and Android app, Web app, Facial recognition, Third-party (workplace) apps (API), Card (NFC, RFID) or HID Mobile Access.
Industry-leading integrations and API
To power operations, we developed integrations with your favorite tools for communication, tenant experience platforms, access management, user directories or ticketing. Our open API and SDK guarantees seamless connection to any custom system or third-party tool.
Microsoft Entra ID
Apple Wallet
Microsoft Teams
Atlassian Jira
Google Wallet
Full control at your fingertips
Blocks lockers work fully autonomously and provides hassle-free management. Admin Zone is the user-friendly online tool that offers real-time data on locker usage, track-record, utilization data and useful functions such as Remote Locker Opening and much more.

Accessible from any web browser (PC, tablet, phone,...)
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Enhancing experience in any office and residential building
Ideal for Offices, Hospitals, Education, Leisure, and beyond
What our clients say

With Blocks, we can offer a convenient work and living environment. The lockers are contactless, allowing tenants to collect parcels or hand over items at any time — no queues, no waiting for anyone.

Jaroslava Hejdukova
Head of Office Property Management at CRESTYL

Blocks fully automate the courier-receiver dynamic, offering an uninterrupted workday for our tenants who can collect their deliveries whenever convenient, saving time but also simplifying the package collection process with a “hub” for all redeliveries.

Elena Heinlova
Property Manager at CPI

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