Use cases for buildings
Package Deliveries
Overloaded lobby, packages lost or undelivered, couriers going in circles, occupiers upset. In the age of smart lockers, that's unnecessary. By partnering with Blocks, all is delivered to lockers and picked up whenever it is suitable, day or night.
Your reception will start to look good again
Smart lockers from Blocks help to streamline and tidy up the reception, enhancing the tenant experience while also freeing up receptionist time to focus on what truly matters: attending to visitors.
Enhance tenant satisfaction with hassle-free package deliveries
No more missed calls and lost packages. Blocks make sure the parcels reach the consignee on each and every occasion, because it's they who choose the pick-up time.
Automated parcel tracking and notifications
The receptionist doesn't need to take every single parcel. Instead, the courier deposits the package and the receiver gets automatic SMS or in-app notifications, as well as reminders.
Supporting in-office presence
“I was waiting for the courier all day long” will be removed from the tenant dictionary. The hassle-free parcel pick-up supports the return of employees to offices, something your tenant companies desire.
Shipping all parcels to one place where the receiver lives or works prevents unnecessary trips and carbon emissions.

How it works
A locker touchscreen interface enables the depositing of packages (by carrier, receptionist, colleague,..) by simply inputting the recipient's name, phone number, or email.
Upon entry of the recipient's details, a locker compartment of selected size automatically opens for package placement.
Once the locker door is closed, the system instantly notifies the recipient and generates a unique access code for package collection.
Sharing Point
With Blocks, people can exchange items like keys, appliances or documents anytime they want.

As the locker closes, a notification with an access code is automatically sent to the recipient. They can pick up and return anytime convenient, without having to coordinate with the sender.

How it works
A locker touchscreen interface enables handing over an item by simply inputting the recipient's name, phone number, or email.
Upon entry of the recipient's details, a locker compartment of selected size automatically opens for item placement.
Once the locker door is closed, the system instantly notifies the recipient and generates a unique access code for item collection.
Library of Things
& Rental
Projectors, iPads and other devices as well as sports amenities  – and beyond. With Blocks, occupiers of your properties will be able to borrow and return anytime it is convenient for them, without a need for human interaction.
Track record
You know who rented and returned items at every single moment.
People can borrow and return anytime it is convenient for them.
Shared economy and sustainability
Smart lockers make it easier for people to access items that they only need occasionally, such as tools, appliances, and sports equipment. That saves money and reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfills.
New revenue streams
The new monetization avenues are open for you. All your users need to do is borrow, pay, collect, without any intervention from your side.

How it works
Each item is assigned a unique QR code (or RFID tag) for effortless tracking and identification via Blocks Admin Zone.
Items are then stored in lockers through QR (or RFID) scanning, ensuring secure and organized placement.
In the Admin Zone, administrators can easily delegate items to users.
Upon delegation, users are automatically provided with an access code, enabling them to pick up their assigned items.
For item return, users just scan the item's QR (or RFID), facilitating a secure and recorded process to store the item back in the locker.
Visitor Locker
Guests, partners, cooperating companies – Blocks provide a smart way for visitors to store their belongings during their stay, without the need for a key or access card handover.
Easy as 1-2-3
Visitors can assign a locker all by themselves in a few seconds. A unique QR or PIN code is generated for them automatically by Blocks and is sent to their email or via SMS. They can access their belongings anytime, digitally and conveniently.
An impression to be remembered
The first impression is something that cannot be overcome, they say. That is why the visitor experience is so important. With Blocks, you are able to create a lasting impression for visitors, prospects and future employees of your tenants.

How it works
The visitor uses the touchscreen to deposit belongings, entering personal details like name, phone number, or email for identification.
The selected locker compartment opens automatically; the visitor places the items inside and then closes the locker door.
The visitor will receive an instant notification along with a unique access code, enabling them to pick up the stored items at any time
End-of-Trip Lockers
End-of-trip facilities should be designed to provide a comfortable and convenient experience for employees who walk, bike, or run to work. With Blocks, you can create an experience that is both stylish and functional.

Your occupiers will be pampered, while you save resources on fewer lockers needed and get rid of key replacement headaches.
Space and resources savings
First come, first served. Since lockers are not dedicated, you maximize utilization and save resources on fewer lockers (and space!) needed.
Eliminate Lost Keys and Replacements
Gone are the days of chasing down lost keys or dealing with costly replacements. Blocks' smart locking system eliminates physical keys, relying instead on secure access codes or mobile app authentication.
Total Control Over Your EOT Facilities
Imagine managing your end-of-trip (EOT) facilities without the hassles of lost keys, forgotten combinations, and long-occupied lockers. With Blocks, you gain complete control over access, occupancy, and usage, streamlining your EOT operations and enhancing employee experience.
Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts
Stay informed and in control with Blocks' real-time monitoring capabilities. Receive notifications about locker usage, occupancy status, and any potential issues, allowing you to address them promptly and maintain a seamless end-of-trip experience.
Prevent Long-Term Locker Blockages
Say goodbye to lockers being occupied for weeks on end. Blocks' dynamic occupancy management system allows you to set time limits for locker usage, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to utilize the facilities. This proactive approach prevents congestion and dissatisfaction among users. Additionally, in specific cases that violate the conduct, you can open the locker and remove the contents.

How it works
The user presents their access credentials (such as a QR code, card, or app) to authenticate.
The selected locker compartment automatically opens and is then assigned to the user for anytime access.
Flexible settings
Whether a business letter or a parcel ordered online,
Digital Mailroom matches all incoming deliveries with recipients in no time.
Catching 100% of incoming deliveries
Every parcel and letter is recorded, leaving zero room for error and loss typical for pen & paper or Excel logs.
Safety & security
Avoid mistakes and mixups. Use unique PINs generated by Blocks to match deliveries with their recipients.
Minimize manual work with automated notifications
Employees know exactly when the parcel arrives, without the receptionist needing to contact them.
Data at your fingertips
Review delivery logs, access historical data and review records, all in one place.
Speed up operations
With Digital Mailroom by Blocks, your mailroom staff becomes the superhero.

How it works
Log a shipment: Select the shipment type (registered mail, packages, etc.) and fill in the necessary fields
Let Blocks notify recipients automatically at Microsoft Teams, Slack, email or SMS with access codes
Pickup: Hand over deliveries based on unique PIN/QR codes