Revolutionize your Click-and-Collect parcel lockers with Blocks

Blocks stands for a combination of cutting edge software with an award-winning, customizable locker design. This industry-leading fusion brings to life an adapatable last-mile solution for logistic companies and e-commerce retailers.
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Leading brands across various sectors rely on Blocks' solution
Delivering efficiency to any out-of-home (OOH) smart locker project
Ideal for PUDO, BOPIS or P2P networks

Reasons to choose Blocks

Software flexibility makes the difference
Effortlessly adapt your smart locker settings to meet your ever-evolving needs. Blocks' cloud-based software is easy to integrate and constantly improves without aging, thanks to its regular overnight updates.
Award-winning design
Blocks technology works with its award-winning modular design same as with any design of your choice! With our 10+ world-class manufacturing partners internationally we provide the best-fit solution to meet all your business needs.
Blocks' user experience is love at first use
The easy-to-understand interface is as simple as ABC for both end-users and managers. Efficient workflows cover everything from the Locker Touch Kiosk and Admin Zone to mobile apps. Plus, everything can be customized to match your brand vibe.
Security and scalability at every step
Blocks is an ISO 27001-certified company, and its software undergoes regular penetration testing. Designed for growth, the architecture effortlessly supports expanding user transactions and installation volumes.
Support that holds you up
For any smart locker project, support is key. In fact, it serves as a strategic pillar for Blocks, deeply ingrained across all our teams—from dedicated customer care and end-user support to project management and software development.
Optimize & share your locker capacity
Utilizing data analytics and AI, Blocks offers capacity planning and forecasting. With carrier-agnostic features and locker reservations, you can share locker capacity and create additional revenue streams from your network too.
Blocks SW is hardware-agnostic (retrofit)
Blocks' industry-leading software layer (Blocks OS) is hardware-agnostic and compatible with diverse locker manufacturers. It can also upgrade your existing locker solution, enhancing your efficiency and saving costs.
Offline use? No problem!
By storing essential data directly in the locker machine itself, Blocks enables the pickup and delivery of parcels even in cases where the connection is lost, ensuring operational continuity in any situation.
Full control at your fingertips
The Blocks Admin Zone simplifies the management of your locker network. This powerful Parcel Management Software (PMS) provides real-time data analytics on all activity logs and efficiently optimizes locker capacity with its AI-driven usage prediction patterns.

Experience hassle-free operations and monitor the activity across all your locker locations to seamlessly align with your business needs.
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Industry-leading integrations and API
Blocks seamlessly integrates with your software infrastructure, enhancing your smart locker project. Our comprehensive API and SDK documentation ensure a seamless connection with backend systems, courier apps, and end-user mobile apps. Furthermore, Blocks offers existing integrations with popular tools like Slack, MS Teams, Jira, and more for smooth operations.
Microsoft Entra ID
Apple Wallet
Microsoft Teams
Atlassian Jira
Google Wallet

Blocks is unique in both their technological approach and product design, unlike other locker manufacturers that are more like lock or locker producers.

Martin Kasa
Co-Founder of Pilulka Group

Blocks stands out for its adaptability, user-focused design, and comprehensive management features. It represents a robust solution for managing smart locker networks.

Andre Veskimeister
Founder of Parcel Locker Central

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