How O2 saves 96% of its time on parcel delivery management with Blocks

March 22, 2024
Explore how O2 Czech Republic solved the challenges of hybrid work and a tsunami of incoming packages with the help of smart locker technology by Blocks.

The O2 Czech Republic is one of the largest integrated operators in the country, with over 600 employees in its Prague office. Fast company growth and a hybrid work model led to a tsunami of incoming packages, both business-related and personal. O2 needed a solution to automate delivery management and provide complete visibility into internal logistics.

The challenge

O2 needed so solve three key issues to continue uninterrupted and efficient operations.

1. A tsunami of packages
Growing company and hybrid work drove more packages to the reception. It started to look messy, leaving a negative impression on the visitors and taking much of the receptionist’s time to manage.

2. High cost of distraction
Each new delivery required an employee to leave the workplace to pick up a package or mail. It costs the company a lot of money as the employee’s working day is distracted.

3. Automatization requirements
O2 needed a solution that would be fully integrated into their internal ecosystem, easily managed and updated, and, more importantly, provide three main functionalities: receiving, storing, and sharing.

The solution

After the initial discussion with Blocks, O2 chose our All-in-one product configuration. From the first interaction to the final launch, it took us five weeks to complete this project – 42 smart lockers in anthracite color placed at the entrance of building D.

blocks all in one@2x

Project timeline

O2 project timeline@2x

The result


Organized reception area
All parcels are arriving directly to Blocks—no more piles of packages stored on the front desk. The reception looks nice and clean, and organized.


Uninterrupted work days
O2 employees get automatic notifications about their packages and can pick them up anytime outside working hours, even on weekends. Less destruction leads to higher productivity.


Fully integrated solution
We’ve added Blocks software to the O2 existing IT infrastructure. Office managers can quickly overview locker usage through an extensive admin console, analyze the historical data, and allocate use cases for each locker – receiving, storing, and sharing.

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