Blocks and Lehmann collaborate on a next-gen locker solution for a leading private equity firm

May 28, 2024
Lehmann, the industry-leading manufacturer of mechanical and electronic locking systems, and Blocks partner up to create the safest and most advanced smart locker solution for modern workplaces. Together, we combine the best of both worlds: reliable, German-quality locks and the most flexible Plug’n’Play locker management software. Read this case study to learn how our strategic partnership transforms how companies operate, and people work.

The challenge

Due to fast team growth, our client, a real estate & private equity firm, needed a flexible solution to address the challenges of hybrid working. The locker technology needed to be multifunctional and provide:

  • easily operated employee storage with digital access - free from keys, cards, and codes
  • safe and seamless visitor storage
  • reliable way to share confidential documents between employees on different schedules

The solution

Our all-in-one locker solution, designed by the client’s architects in a smooth wooden finish, matches all the requirements and helps automate internal logistics.

The most reliable locks by our partner Lehmann are powered by the Blocks smart locker technology, enabling:

Easy locker access via mobile app, QR code, or keycard
  • Self-service storage for visitors, prospects, and future employees
    • QR or PIN codes are generated automatically and sent via email or SMS
  • Safe item handover between employees
    • select a name from the directory on the touch terminal, leave the document and your colleague will get a PIN code via email and Microsoft Teams

In addition, smart lockers simplify operations and make the life of office managers a breeze.

  • Effortless locker management with an extensive admin console that provides a real-time overview of all locker users and utilization
  • Complete control over all lockers, including remote locker opening and changing the locker functions in one click
  • Maintenance-free operations with MS Team integration and automatic software updates that run in the background and don’t disrupt office work
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The result

Cost savings

No more wasted resources on key loss management with advanced access methods via QR code, mobile app, card, and more.

Maximized valuable floor space

Smart lockers free up expensive office floor space since fewer lockers are needed with efficient locker utilization.

Uninterrupted operations

Employees store, exchange, and pick up items flexibly and asynchronously, which means all projects can be completed on time without employees needing to be in the office simultaneously.

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